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The town danced itself to death (dark history)

Thursday, 24 January 2019

We brought you a new topic, here we will share some scariest and strangest things, which had happened before in our mystery world.

Let's start, do you love dancing ? or are you a dancer ? well ! if you have interest in dancing then I am sure this historical event will blow your mind.

Here's the story follows,

In 1518, There was a town named Strasbourg in France, It was a sunny July afternoon when the town's inhabitants spotted Mrs. Frau Troffea (a lady from the village) dancing by herself on the street. This was unusual but not alarming at first. I mean, what could be more harmless than dancing right?

But , Mrs. Troffea didn't look like she was enjoying herself. She looked panicked, her face was contorted and her eyes drawn toward the sky as if she was in a trance.This was weird, but still nothing to worry about...until other people started joining her. Men and women gathered around her, dancing for hours without stopping and by the end of the month there was a crowd of 400.
The manic dancing continued for days, until people started dying of exhaustion.

Then city authority thought that the the cure for the dancing was MORE dancing and that the citizens would be cured from their mania if they were allowed to dance day and night. The autho- rities felt that it was something people had to sweat out of their system. So they build a stage and hired some musicians and professional dancers to accompany the crowd.

But it actually worsen the situation, making hundred of people dying, including dancers and musicians, as this dancing plague went for two straight months, The dancing didn't stop until September. The last remaining dancers were carried away in wagons and the whole epidemic ended as mysteriously as it began.

No one actually knows the real cause of “the dancing plague”. But one of the satisfying theories is that she had a mental problem that made her want to dance, think that she needs to dance, and anyone would be terrified for seeing someone dancing for days non stop with no food, water, sleep...

It ended up causing a hysteria making people believe there was some supernatural thing that would haunt them, if they didn't dance. When there are a bunch of people believing and/or fear something, other people are pretty likely to start to believe/fear too (as a example, A bunch of school students getting possessed after the Charlie Charlie challenge), so it spreads among people.

I know what you're thinking that there's no way that this actually happened.But believe it or not,it wasn't the first time this sort of thing occurred and the 1518 case is actually pretty well documented.

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