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Once again China amazed the world, see how?

Sunday, 20 January 2019
Today’s news from china, as we know that they have not been having a good time recently,
Right? Their economy is in trouble. Their infrastructure is crumbling and their generals
haven’t invented a new chicken recipe, its like 50 years we haven’t heard about it.

But over the weekend, they got some good news.

Here’s the excellent achievement; you must know about that they have successfully landed
a space-craft on the other side of the moon(the dark side)
isn't it amazing!
We all are having a chance to see what it looks like!

Here’s a part of 12 minute video that the Chinese national space administrations released.
The space-craft will study the moon’s terrain, while it’s there and bring back samples to

That’s right the china has become the first nation to land on the dark side of the moon and

this is a big deal because this is the side of the moon that we never get to see, the moon
rotates around the earth in such a way that one side of the moon never faces us.

Its like other side of girls face on the wedding, 
we never knew what is under the makeup.

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