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Easter eggs "the game of thrones" season 8 teaser

Thursday, 17 January 2019

As the winter is getting away, the teaser of the 8th season of GOT has premiered on the Internet by the name “crypts of the winter fell,” revealing the date of the first episode, which is going to air on HBO on 4th of April.

GOT is the most watched and loved series throughout the worldmost of the content written by George RR Martin, as the teaser launched, there are some Easter eggs and theories going viral on the Internet, about what could be the possible twist this season have and why this   teaser   is   so   important.Some of the moments are very strange in the teaser, which are described as.

 (note: spoilers alert for the earlier seasons, if you haven’t watched previous season, then you might not read the content below)
Sculpture of dead member of stark family (Ned stark & Lyana stark)
1. Background voice over 

The teaser starts starring Jon Snow, one of the leading characters walking in crypts, after that joined by Sansa stark and Arya stark. The teaser shows all of them walking and   passing   sculpture of family members, who are dead by now and when they passed the sculpture (actually a grave of a stark member). A voice over of every died character, represent or related to Jon snow, depicting his real identity that who is he actually is? (A targariyan). It may also suggest that Jon snow is the most leading character and may have big role saving humanity.

2. The three sculptures, face off

At the end of the teaser, there is one horrifying moment, when all three stark member face their own sculpture, a symbol of that they are dead. This moment shows various possibilities like it could be a strategy of makers to hype the fans, but in reality this scene is not a part of any episode.
 The second possibility is that may be its a one of a vision of Bryn stark (the third eyed raven),    as   he had powers of having visions and the other   possibility    is    that    it   might   depict the idea of that they all facing their death and they all going to die saving humanity, which is truly heartbreaking, but we can't assume the future of the GOT, when the show writer is George RR Martin, He is professionally known to kill famous character, as he did before.

3. Jon snow sculpture

At the time, when all facing their own sculpture, if you see clearly the Jon snow sculpture look   very older than he is nowyou can see the fully grown beard in the sculpture, although the   sculpture of Arya and sansa looks very similar to their actual age. But can it possibly suggesting us, one of the theories is that Arya and sansa would be dead in the season 8, but Jon snow  will   survive the frozen zombies apocalypse but later die, when he got old.

We don’t know what is this season would do with our mind and heart, but honestly, we can't wait to see Jon snow fighting the night king in the immense battle of winter fell.

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